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IsraPhil Cultural Society, Inc. is a non-stock, not-for-profit, bilateral country organization with the primary role of uplifting Philippine-Israel shared cultural relations.  Its main programs are: Shared Heritage Awareness Campaigns, “Adopt a Holocaust Survivor” Project; Cultural Exchange Activities; Holy Land Pilgrimage; and, Others.

Our Shared, Special Heritage


We intend to liaise all over the country to support Philippines-Israel bilateral country relations.  Being cultural in nature, we shall be promoting from grassroots level up our shared, historical heritage in order to enhance past experiences toward a more mutually beneficial and friendly nation interactions moving forward to a better future.

Resources for Expansion


By going around the country to disseminate information concerning Philippines-Israel shared cultural heritage from elementary, secondary and vocational schools, and colleges, we expect to build a better understanding of each country’s special roles in the past in order to promote enhanced relations in the future.


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